Group Services

In partnership with San Diego Regional Center, Goodwill offers a specialized training program tailored to the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. The FREE Supported Employment Group Program of Goodwill Industries of San Diego County (GISD) provides an opportunity for all willing individuals with disabilities to become employed within an integrated work setting.

GISD is committed to maintaining a stable environment where people with disabilities are empowered to maximize their employment potential by overcoming their barriers to employment. Participants in this program receive compensation for their work directly from the employer, which in many cases is Goodwill. GISD maintains licensing and certification under FLSA 14(c) which is applied to our Group participants who are paid a commensurate wage. Commensurate wages while in use by GISD in the groups are done where appropriate and vary depending on groups work location, some groups are paid at prevailing wages for the jobs they perform and others are paid a commensurate wage to ensure compliance and fairness with the FLSA 14(c) standards.

Eligibility Requirements

Program participants must be referred by the San Diego Regional Center. Participants must also be able to meet the essential functions of the program/job with or without reasonable accommodations and work in the United States legally (proof of citizenship or immigration status required).

Each individual participant is provided the following services:

  • Accompany participants for interviews
  • Job placement assistance
  • Employment services (job coaching) for intensive support
  • Jobs in integrated settings, employer selection
  • Individual Habitation Service Plan (IHSP) development and review
  • Goal setting
  • Job-task analysis
  • Coaching on grooming/hygiene
  • Training on employer expectations
  • Safety training


For information on eligibility for this program, please contact Ruth Davis, Supported Programs Manager, at 619-225-2200 extension 519 or at