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Outlet and Clearance Center Facilities

Goodwill Outlets and Clearance Center offer a unique shopping experience with a large selection of products that arrive at our facilities every day. Items are sent from our retail stores to the Outlets to be sold at low prices through our daily auctions or sales. You can find a variety of products including electronics, computers, bikes, housewares, furniture, clothes, linen, shoes, exercise equipment, books, and accessories. For your convenience, these locations are open seven days a week, 362 days per year.


Clearance Center

Find GOOD deals at the Escondido Clearance Center! Merchandise at up to 50% off including furniture, family apparel, linens, accessories and select household items.


Otay Auctions

Goodwill’s Otay Outlet holds two main auctions daily of furniture, electronics and wares. Five additional smaller auctions also occur each day. To get a bidder number, please register in the lobby before participating in an auction. Product previews begin 30 minutes before each auction!

Auction Schedule

Bikes (8:15 am). Furniture, Electronics and Wares (8:30 am). Books (10 am). TVs (11 am). Books (12:30 pm). Furniture, Electronics and Wares (1 pm). Books (2:30 pm).


San Ysidro Auctions and Sales

Goodwill’s San Ysidro Outlet holds two auctions daily at 10:30 am and 1 pm that include clothing, shoes, linens, and accessories in large bins or carts. To get a bidder number, please register in the lobby before participating in an auction.

In addition to the auctions, San Ysidro features two sales every day:

  • Piece Sales (8 am – 12 pm) – San Ysidro offers a great variety of clothes that are sold for $1 a piece. Customers can select exactly which items they want at great prices.
  • Tote Sales (12 pm – 2pm): the clothing that does not sell during Piece Sales can be purchased in totes at even more affordable prices!

Computer Store

Our computer store at the Otay Outlet sells Goodwill’s largest selection of used electronics, televisions,
computers, monitors, printers, parts, cables, and other computer/electronic components. We offer items
at great prices seven days a week from 8:00am – 4:30pm.


Where to Shop

Currently, Goodwill operates 2 outlet facilities in southern San Diego and 1 Clearance Center in the north.  Visit our outlets today to participate in our auctions and to find great deals!