Do you remember your favorite costume?

I will never forget mine. I dressed up as Dorothy, and I could not keep my eyes off the glittery shoes I was wearing. Hands down, my favorite costume. My mom put my costume together from different pieces of clothes she bought at neighborhood thrift stores. The top was a white button-down with a fancy collar, a blue gingham skirt she added straps to, and then the red glittery shoes, of course. I wore my hair in braids with bows and loved hearing all the compliments I got as we went trick-or-treating. I must have been about 8-years old.

Halloween is one of those holidays you can decide to put a lot of effort towards or none at all, and it will still be fun. Grab a white sheet, draw a face on it, and viola you’re a ghost. Get creative and build a unique costume and wait to see and hear everyone’s reaction.

At Goodwill, you can come in with an idea and our salespeople can help you build it or come in without an idea and receive some inspiration from our team.

Here are some fun ideas you may decide to create or use as inspiration:

A tourist – we always have plenty of casual pants or shorts, Hawaiian shirts, camera bags, hats, sunglasses, and fanny packs. Add a special twist to make it uniquely your own.

For a mad love look – pick up a pair of dress slacks, suit coat, vest, dress shirt, and tie. Plenty of patent dress shoes to choose from and a dress hat to complete the villainous look. The femme fatale should be wearing a black, red, and white outfit and a sinister smile with an eye mask to be taken seriously.

A mad scientist ensemble can quickly be put together with a white blazer or coat, black t-shirt, and jeans with dress shoes. To make the costume more realistic don a fiery wig, eyewear, and latex gloves. What freakish concoction will you create?

Let’s give a nod to Olivia Newton-John with a summer lovin’ couples costume set. Grab a pair of pleather pants, a white or black tight-fitting t-shirt, booties, pumps, or tennis shoes, and a pleather jacket. Accessorize with a hair comb and bright red lipstick.

Much like The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland has many characters to dress up as – thumb through our racks and find something to inspire you. Maybe you will find the perfect blue dress, add an apron and pumps, and you are all set to be Alice. If you find a beautiful white dress, add a black vest, booties, and bunny ears to be the white rabbit. Look for a magical plaid jacket, add black leggings, colorful striped socks, a scarf, hat, and maybe even a wig – you nailed the Mad Hatter!

No matter who you want to be this Halloween Season, stop by your favorite Goodwill store and put together a spooky costume. More importantly, join in the fun!