Applying to jobs online has expanded past websites, many companies are now posting their job openings on their social media pages and using career-oriented social networking markets, like LinkedIn.


1. Update your profile – Your profile must be professional, up-to-date, and have all the accurate skills you will need for your job. Many employers get a list of possible applicants before you even apply. If your profile is incomplete or doesn’t match up to what they see in a résumé, they may quickly move on. Completing and updating each section of your profile – including employment history, education, and skills – demonstrates that you’re serious about your job search.

2. Explore your privacy settings – Every social media platform has a different way of adjusting your privacy, if you plan on keeping your profile public, make sure your posts are employer-friendly. Use caution when posting content by asking yourself, “Would there be concern if a potential employer saw this?”

3. Perfect your profile photo – Having a business casual photo of yourself shows that you are serious about your job hunt. The first step is finding a business casual outfit; wearing a blazer is the easiest option. The second step is taking a photo on a clean background. Third, have a friend take a picture of you from the waist up and make sure that it is not blurry or grainy.

4. Connect – Join and participate in relevant industry groups on LinkedIn and Facebook or join a Twitter conversation. Connecting with people demonstrates your passion, knowledge, and dedication to a specific profession.

5. Inform connections of your search – Post a public announcement informing your online connections that you are looking for a job. In the post, mention your job experience, what position you are seeking, and encourage friends to share your post. Have your résumé ready to send to friends who might have a lead for you.

6. Maintain your presence – Use social media as your platform to share your skills, personality, and job aspirations. Try to post once a week, personal posts should be consistent and show your friends and future employers who you are. Keep relevant to trends in your field of work by sharing posts that correspond to your career.

Finding a job on social media is just one way you can apply for a job if you need help with your job search, application, résumé and interview preparation visit Goodwill’s Community Employment Centers for free assistance with our career advisors.