Since 1930, Goodwill San Diego’s commitment to our community has been to improve the employability of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. We have done this in many ways over the years. Our aim is always to understand the needs of the people we serve and then develop the best programs to address the obstructions that are preventing them from getting jobs.

We understand, even with the low unemployment rate in San Diego County of 3.5 percent, there are over 50,000 people looking for jobs. Many of those have significant barriers to employment. That’s where Goodwill steps in to provide a hand up, not a hand out. The first step to overcoming any challenge is a commitment to seek help and then to put in the time and effort it takes to remove the road blocks preventing us from reaching our desired goals. Goodwill San Diego’s four Community Employment Centers are ready and waiting to help anyone who is prepared to make an investment in their future. The investment is in time, the right attitude and a willingness to follow the career development plan created by the job seeker and their career advisor, all services provided by the Centers are free.

Goodwill San Diego also has specific programs for people with particular barriers to employment such as young adults 16-25 years old, military veterans, those with developmental disabilities, and people who have been served by SSI and SSDI and are now ready to rejoin the workforce.

I know that sometimes just hearing a word of encouragement and hope can be the greatest gift we receive or give. All of our job coaches, job developers, career advisors and over 1300 Goodwill ambassadors are here to share their Goodwill story, offer words of inspiration, and help job seekers create a vision for their life!

Do you know someone that needs a word of encouragement today, perhaps someone looking for a job? Please let them know that Goodwill San Diego is waiting to assist and is committed to improving their employability.


Making Good Happen,

Toni Giffin

President and Chief Executive Officer

Core Values: Credibility • Creativity • Collaboration




Our Community Employment Centers seek to train and provide employment opportunities for our job seekers. Eric came to our Escondido Community Employment Center working two jobs, barely making a sustainable wage but wanting to grow professionally. Our Career Advisor, Carlos, and our Community Employment Manager, Patti, knew Eric had the desire and initiative to get a better job. They introduced him to Richard, the Talent Acquisition Manager at Grand Pacific Resorts, who quickly scheduled an interview with Eric. Patti and Carlos coached Eric on interview skills to teach him how to focus on the strengths and skills he brings to the job. Eric is now a Quality Assurance Supervisor with a 25% increase in wage and opportunities for bonuses. Eric thanked Carlos and told him it was the “luckiest day of his life” when he came to “Goodwill in Escondido” and met the “two most wonderful and helpful people.”




Janet has always been a hard working person. At 15, she began taking on many responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, taking care of her older sister who has a disability, her younger sister and niece.

Janet worked for 4 years as a Teacher’s Assistant. Then, she joined Goodwill as a participant of the Supported Employment group at the Lake Murray Retail Store. Without transportation, Janet did whatever was necessary to be at work each day. She would take buses, trolleys, and even walk to work from Spring Valley. Janet spent 2 years as a Textile Hanger and Tagger with the group, and quickly excelled. She learned social skills, how to be a team player, and how to communicate more effectively.

In October 2016, Janet achieved her goal of transitioning into Individual Placement. She landed a job as a Processor. She was very excited to begin her new role but she feared it would bring additional challenges. Her main fear was completing production paperwork and filling out donation receipts. She was afraid of messing up because she did not know how to read or write. Being a visual learner, Goodwill helped Janet overcome these fears by creating a chart with pictures of all possible donations and how to mark them on the receipt. After memorizing the chart, her fears were gone and her confidence was sky high. This motivated her to work even harder and prove that she could overcome a lifetime of doubts.

In January of 2018, Janet became Lake Murray’s newest Senior Processor! She was worried about leading her team to success, but her support system provided plenty of motivation and helped her overcome her fears.

Today, Janet continues to thrive. She is completing her production paperwork and issuing donation receipts. She has learned to take on incoming trucks, track incoming and outgoing bins, complete end of day allocation, and will soon be completing supply orders.

Janet is a perfect example of a motivated person, who will stop at nothing to give her family the best life possible. Janet is an inspiration to everyone who struggles with doubt and proves that you can accomplish anything through dedication and perseverance.





Last fall, we continued to move forward in our quest to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and grow revenue with the purchase of 2383 & 2388 Via Segundo in San Ysidro.

The property consists of two industrial buildings. The building located at 2383 Via Segundo has been redeveloped as our new Aftermarket Outlet facility. The goal is to provide a great shopping experience for our loyal customers and new customers seeking extremely affordable clothing and linens. We also aim to increase revenue by moving from an Outlet Center with approximately 4,500 square feet to 16,261 square feet of sales area. The new location also features an indoor sorting area of approximately 5,035 square feet. Improved product movement and a more efficient handling area are intended to decrease costs and increase product flow. All of these features and more provide safety and convenience for the shopper.

The building located at 2388 Via Segundo will be a centralized textile processing facility and distribution center, providing prepared clothing to our 24 Retail Stores in San Diego County.

Construction on the Outlet and Distribution Center began in February 2018 and we opened our doors on May 2. These projects will improve the economic viability of the surrounding community.

Soon, we will begin construction on our new Employment Center that will replace our current San Ysidro clothing Outlet on Front Street in downtown San Ysidro. This center will provide residents of the South Bay and San Ysidro with job readiness training and employment assistance.

We have been a part of the San Ysidro community for 20 years. We are very grateful for their support. We are excited about the expanded services we are providing and the impact they will have on our community members.




Our Hillcrest Retail Store opened in October of 2013 and is located at 1219 University Avenue with 2,850 square feet of retail space. This location created twenty-nine jobs for our community. It is in one of the hippest and most diverse communities in San Diego and it values the urban lifestyle. This community provides one of the largest Farmers Markets in San Diego and many of its residents frequent local businesses on foot. Our store provides a welcoming atmosphere and blends wells with all the businesses in the neighborhood. We carry a diverse selection of items, including clothing, household items, shoes, accessories and furniture. Donations are accepted at the back of the store.