WHO: Beth Forsberg, Vice President Retail & Operations, to speak at 3rd Annual Zero Waste Symposium, San Diego

WHAT: Goodwill, Waste Management and City of Oceanside talk about their “CurbUp” partnership.

WHEN: February 23, 3rd Annual Zero Waste Symposium at 1:45 pm.

WHERE: Campus Center Hearing Room, County of San Diego Operations Center 5520 Overland Avenue, San Diego 92123

WHY: During Forsberg’s tenure at Goodwill, she has propelled the organization’s enormous commitment to sustainability. Come to the symposium to hear Beth, Colleen Foster, Senior Management Analyst for Solid Waste & Recycling at the City of Oceanside, and Daniel Butler of Waste Management, talk about the “CurbUp” plan. How will this program divert waste and create an opportunity to renovate used bulky goods?

GISD uses the revenue generated from the sale of donated goods at its retail thrift stores and after-market facilities to fund the operation of paid job training programs and employment services.

GISD was created in 1930 to get people with disabilities and other barriers to employment jobs by developing their skills and work habits through training and real work.

In 2015, GISD helped to find employment for nearly 4,000 people in the San Diego community. In fact, we helped 78 people per week or 11 people per day find a job.

This year’s symposium primary topic will be Programs and Policies moving us closer to Zero. A series of presentations by industry experts will cover a wide and comprehensive array of Zero Waste topics including: Zero Waste principles, source reduction and reuse strategies, policy developments working from the top-down, as well as managing edible and compostable discards. Additionally, public and private sector resource managers will share inspirational stories regarding their journey towards Zero Waste.