We’ve partnered with Bank of America to bring the first Summer Youth Program to our five Community Employment Centers. The Summer Youth Program is for any young adult between the ages of 16-25 who want to work but may not have the experience or soft skills.

The Summer Youth Program offers participants one-on-one time with a Goodwill Career Advisor who will help them develop a customized employment program. The program will teach participants how to craft a résumé, prepare for interviews, and ultimately gain employment.

Summer Youth Program participants will be given the opportunity to enroll in Goodwill’s Job Readiness Program. The two-week Job Readiness program includes classes that teach workplace communication, conflict resolution, interview preparation, and resume development. Additionally, Bank of America’s Better Money Habits workshops, taught by local Bank of America financial experts, will be available to help teach students how to budget, save, and manage their money. Once participants complete the coursework, they will earn a certificate of completion that signifies readiness for the workplace.

Goodwill will provide computer, hot spot, or Lyft rideshare vouchers to eligible participants earning a certification of completion from the Summer Youth Program. Those who complete the program will be encouraged to apply for available part-time positions at Goodwill San Diego and other local employers. Career advisors will remain actively involved in assisting program participants in gaining meaningful work experience.

To learn more call one of our five Community Employment Centers!